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Welcome to Web Hosting by dzawacki.com!


Web hosting by dzawacki.com was established in order to provide a permanent email address and website at a reasonable cost. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a large hosting service at a fraction of the cost. Web Hosting by dzawacki.com is powered by HostPro and provides you with Fault tolerant systems made up of Cisco routers, state-of-the-art servers, and multiple backbones via fiber optic T3 lines.


Your own username
web space (http://www.dzawacki.com/username)
alias email account (username "at" dzawacki.com)
pop3 email account (username "at" dzawacki.com)
Unlimited auto-responders
Unlimited (24hrs/day) Anonymous FTP
Directory password protection
Full custom CGI execution capability
Perl, Python, C, servlets, SSI & PHP 3.0
Shockwave, Quicktime, Flash, Vivo, Emblaze, Java™, Javascript ...
30 day money-back guarantee
Daily tape backup
Full time battery backup


alias email account $1.00/month
pop3 email account $2.00/month
1MB of space $2.00/month
setup fee: FREE

Billing Options:

3 annual installments (every 4 months)
2 annual installments (every 6 months)
1 annual installment (once a year)


Feel free to contact me at david "at" dzawacki.com

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